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Storm Center

We strive to provide the most reliable service at the lowest possible cost and this includes maintaining an aggressive right-of-way trimming program. Keeping the rights-of-way clear and spraying vegetation that could interfere with power lines is necessary to maintain quality service. However, in the event of severe weather even trees and limbs well outside the 15 foot right-of-way can fall on power lines and cause outages. And weather is not the only culprit when it comes to outages. Believe it or not animals, especially squirrels, birds and snakes are the cause of many outages.

During any type of outage restoration effort there is a protocol that must be followed before electricity can safely be restored. Our goal is to restore power to as many members possible as quickly as possible but the safety of our linemen is our top priority. There is a method for restoring power safely and effectively and the two diagrams below outline how power gets from the generating plant to your home and how it is restored during an outage.

How Your Power Is Restored

The Path of Electricity

To report an outage, please call our Outage Hotline: 1-866-244-4890

The following links will help you keep track of storms:

National Weather Service

The Weather Channel

Before a Storm

Make sure your family is prepared for a possible outage.
Use the Outage Preparation Checklist to make sure you have
everything you need before an outage occurs.

During A Storm

What should you do during a storm
or outage? This list of tips will tell
you how to keep food as safe as
possible, protect your electrical
equipment and use generators safely.




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