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Solar & Other Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation refers to electricity-generating equipment located at your home, owned and operated by you. The generation may, or may not, be operated in parallel (connected to) Southern Rivers Energy (SRE). 

Members inquiring about distributed generation generally fall into four basic categories:

  • Small power production facilities (solar, wind, waste),
  • Backup power which can be synchronized with the utility upon restoration from utility outages,
  • Generation for self-service of customer’s own load through parallel operation with the utility and peak shaving of demand,
  • Generation that is for exporting (landfill gas, large wind farms, etc.)

DG systems can be powered by solar, wind, landfill gas, diesel fueled engines, natural gas fueled micro-turbines, etc. SRE does not have a special rate for DG systems but rather bills the member for the amount of energy supplied by SRE over and above what is produced by the member's DG system. This is called "net metering." When the energy generated by the member's DG system exceeds the amount supplied by SRE, it will be purchased by SRE at its avoided Oglethorpe Power cost. We calculate avoided Oglethorpe Power cost by dividing the prior year's total Oglethorpe Power cost (excluding demand and transmission costs) by the prior year's total kWh's provided by Oglethorpe Power. If you are interested in installing your own small generation units at your home, the document below will walk you through what is required from SRE before you get started.

Southern Rivers Energy is committed to helping our members find affordable, reliable and safe energy options. We make solar simple, helping you evaluate the risks and benefits of solar and finding a solution that is right for you.

Q: Is rooftop solar a good option for me?
A: Maybe.

Whether and how much you will benefit from a residential solar array depends on:

  • how much you pay for electricity
  • how much electricity you use
  • your roof
  • state and local incentives for solar development
  • your rooftop solar provider

Southern Rivers Energy doesn’t provide rooftop solar directly to members, but we can help answer many of these questions.

Q: Can I still get the benefits of solar if I don’t live in a house or if my house isn’t suitable?
A: Yes!

Southern Rivers Energy offers programs through Green Power EMC, allowing members to participate in solar projects.

Avoid Solar Scams
One scam we see from time to time is connected to rooftop solar. Homeowners with rooftop solar may receive a sales call offering an accessory, upgrade or extended warranty to their solar array. The calls could be from crooks claiming to represent a solar company, promising to replace faulty or broken parts or improve efficiency. Call Southern Rivers Energy or the company that installed the solar array if you think there may be a problem.

Use Trusted Sources
If you’re considering solar for your home, make sure you are working with a reputable company. Because this is still an emerging industry with evolving technology, there has been a proliferation of pop-up companies in the market to make a quick buck. Representatives of rooftop solar companies may have more sales experience than knowledge of the energy industry, and their primary goal could be making a sale and moving on to the next prospect.

In this ever-changing environment, it’s important to remember you have a trusted energy advisor – your local electric cooperative. We are a community-focused organization that works to efficiently deliver affordable, reliable and safe energy to our members. Remember, we’re just one call or click away, so please reach out with any questions about your electric service or bills – we’re here to help. Have more questions? Call us or shoot us an email! 770-358-1383 or

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If you're interested in installing a photovoltaic (PV) generator at your home, use this Solar Power Guide.

You can also get some tips on Small Wind Generation or Micro-Hydro Generationbut whatever you may be interested in, we encourage you to do your research and educate yourself before investing your money in generating equipment for your home.

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