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Payment/Billing Options

Auto Draft Bank and Credit Card Authorization - Print, sign and mail this form to our office to give us permission to draft your bank account or credit card for the amount of the bill. Your payment will be drafted the Friday before your schedule due date so be sure to check your bill each month.

eBill or Online Bill Pay - To view or pay your bill online using the email address on file, click the “My Account” button at the top left of the home page and select “New User” to create a user ID and password. If you do not have an email address on file, contact our customer service department during normal business hours (8:00 - 5:00 Mon-Fri) at 770-358-1383 or toll free at 877-358-1383 to add one in order to proceed with creating an online account.

AutoPay - AutoPay is different from Auto Draft in that it allows you to choose the date the funds are drafted from your account. When you set up an autopay account, you are responsible for selecting a date that is on or before your due date to avoid any late charges or collection fees. Autopay accounts are still subject to the cooperative's existing collection and disconnection policies. You can enroll in Autopay through the Member Portal or by calling Customer Service at 770-358-1383 or 877-358-1383.

Pay Your Way is a pre pay billing option that allows you to purchase your electricity before you use it. You pay how much you want, when you want with no late fees or security deposits. Instead of a monthly statement, your usage and balance is calculated daily. To apply you must fill out a regular service application at our office or click here to download it, then fill out the Pay Your Way service agreement and fax it to 770-216-1539 or bring both documents to our office.

Levelized Billing - This is offered to any residential member's home account with a satisfactory credit history. Southern Rivers Energy will take an average of your bill over the past twelve months, and you will be billed the monthly average. To take advantage of this billing option, one year of service is required. This application will need to be printed and signed, then mailed to our office.

Laser Billing - The monthly bill issued to each member is a fully detailed and informative bill. A complimentary return envelope is also provided.

Credit Reference Letter - A credit reference will be issued immediately upon request for all members. It may be faxed or mailed to the location requested.

How to Read My Bill - When you open your electric bill, you want to know how much you owe and why. If you look closely, your bill includes a lot of useful information. Here is a simple breakdown of what makes up your electric bill.

Pay your Southern Rivers Energy bill on your next shopping trip with CheckOut. Before your next shopping trip to Dollar General, CVS, or Family Dollar, Click here to get your barcode. When you are ready to checkout, just present the barcode (either printed or on your phone) to the cashier to pay your bill when you pay for your shopping items. Click here for a map of participating retail locations.*Cash is the primary method of payment. Some retailers may accept debit cards, but may change that policy with no notice.

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