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Line Conversion in North Lamar County Oct. 8-11

Over the past year or so SRE line crews and our contractor, MasTec, has been in the Milner area, on many of your streets and in your yards changing transformers, insulators and other apparatus on the poles in preparation of converting the voltage on the main power lines. The time has come to actually change the voltage. To make this change, we will have to come back to many of your streets and yards once more, to ‘flip the switch.’

This change will require outages. We certainly understand the inconvenience of outages but they are unavoidable in this step of the process. We will work to keep the outages as short as possible but some may last an hour or more and some members may experience several outages depending on how the power lines are configured in your area. Please check our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates as work continues through November. We will post an updated list of roads/areas affected each week.

The main roads/areas affected by next week's upgrade include but are not limited to:

  • Hwy 41 north of Milner 
  • Martin Dairy 
  • Grape Creek 
  • Five Points 
  • Zebulon Rd. 
  • Cauthen Rd. 
  • McKenzie Rd. 
  • Hoyt Rd.
  • Fawn Rd.


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